Friday, April 28, 2017

ENTER QUEEN LEAR , written by me,starred Jenny Runacre in the production which ran for 3 weeks at the Drayton Arms Theatre, London, from September 13th to October 2nd 2016.
An ageing, glamorous film star falls in love with a younger man, a refugee. Now, past her cast-by-date, she accepts to play Lear as a woman just to act again. Throughout rehearsals, she is confronted by the men in her life – two ex-husbands, two sons and the younger lover. Her only real constant is her relationship with her long time female dresser.
Jenny Runacre said: “I do really think it is a fascinating play, with so many levels in it. It is not very often that an actress is given a role that has so much meat in it.”

If you want to listen to the play, I adapted it for the radio and you can hear it by clicking on the link below.


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